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The most interesting and inspiring women of this year.
Game Changer of the Year: Karen Kun
Founder, Waterlution
Karen Kun, 38, is worried about water. After living on a Costa Rican indigenous reserve in 1999, the Toronto native realized how much water is worshipped, as opposed to wasted, in other countries. The average Canadian uses 329 litres of water a day, and our country gets an abysmal grade overall (a D, to be precise) in water use compared to 15 other peer countries, including France, Japan and Italy. Karen decided to change that. With a background in business and environmental sustainability, she founded Waterlution, an organization designed to promote water awareness, in 2003. Her goal? To get all kinds of people talking about water, especially government people. “I hope someday the federal government will have a well-funded ministry dedicated to water resources — and that Waterlution will have a role in building this leadership,” she says. Karen also makes movies about water. She completed her first film, A New Culture of Water, in Soweto, South Africa, in 2004 and is now working on a film about water in Canada. She’s also planning to launch Waterlution hubs across Canada. “With Waterlution, I wake up every day excited about what I do, and with a deep belief that what we offer matters and will continue to influence Canada’s future decision makers.”
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